Elliott Engel speaks about the goals of the United Nation and speaks to members of UNA-USA!

I was invited to the United Nations special event on February, 22, 2019

Elliott Engel speaks today about the goals of the United Nation & American interest! The goals of the UN is to support Refugees & people fleeing from war.

1° The United Nation & it’s peace keeping goals in Syria has help over a million people who has been displaced in Syria & are not able to leave there war torn Country, Syria!

2° The ongoing problem in Rich countries not accepting Refugees, due to right wing extremism going into the political field & gaining grounds in the media & popularity has made a profound impact on global affairs.

3° Elliott Engel also mentioned countries has the right to protect there boarder due to tourist activities around the world.

Elliott Engel stated; but, there is a difference between a tourist & someone running away from war & extreme violence. 3° Poorer country are likely to support Refugees despite there hardship. Stated Elliott Engel. However, according to Elliott Engel, he’s proud to see young people & college students interested in global affairs & hope we stay interested in the goals of the United Nation. FRI/FEBRUARY -22-2019