My Accomplishments and Internship at United Nation Associations of the United States of America

I have interned at the United Nation Associations of the United States of America Southern New York State Division (UNA-SNY) and Public-Private Alliance Foundation (PPAF).  I had served as the Youth Associate to the United Nations through the Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

These are the projects that I worked on:

  • Child Migrant crisis at the US/Mexico Border
  •  US Violation on family separation at US/Mexico Border
  •  Model UN Programs Colleges & University New York City educational institution is offering
  • Rebuilding New Schools in Haiti
  • New Technology – Solar-Cooker & Biodigester (Haiti)

Child Migrant crisis at the US/Mexico Border:

I researched the number of children that have been moved across the New York state area. I had called the facilities that housed the migrant children on their wellbeing. I wrote a report base on the information collected and hand it over to my Supervisor, who looked over it and submit it to the department at the United Nations who handles Human Rights cases. At that time, there were 557 migrant children in the New York State facilities. I had also checked the status of children moved to the New York area as a result of the harsh policies of family separation at the U.S. southern border of the United States.

I had called the facilities that are housing the migrant children. However, at the end of the week, I was able to gather information, and I was able to make the 10-page report of my finding of each facility I called. Although that I may not be a journalist, I am proudly to say I did whatever I can for the right cause for the suffering of children and women in a few young men who are stuck at the US Mexico border.

  • I made it clear and explain myself in detail as I called these facilities of my status as I’m being associated with the United Nations Associations of the United States of America.
  •  Some were able to give out the proper information, and some were not allowed to do so.
  • I gathered the information that was required.
  • I typed down the information that was given to me.
  • I reported my information to my management Team.
  • And from there, the management team would handle the information that was given.

Although I was not the only person doing research on this crisis, I was one out of many young college students getting involved in the crisis at the US Mexico border.

  • My findings, along with other colleagues, was carefully put together by our supervisor & management team and were reported to the appropriate department of the Human Rights Commission at the United Nations.
  • Our finding was, the United States is in violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • And Possible violation of the Geneva Convention

 US Violation on family separation at US/Mexico Border:

I researched for the UNA on the possible violation the United States is committing under the Trump presidency. What I found under international law, the United States has violated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) & possibly the Geneva Convention. These agreements were agreed to by over 124 nations over sixty years ago after the aftermath of World War 2. The United States played a huge role in these agreements. It is just a huge shock on how backward this country is becoming. These were my findings as I looked at the rules and the Laws around the Universal Declaration of Human Rights & Geneva Convention that all Countries must commit too.

Model UN Programs Colleges & University New York City educational institution is offering:

Due to United Nations activities, the UN wants young College students to get involved globally. So, my job in January (2019) was to find out the colleges & universities around the New York State area to see if they have a Model UN Program. I would make a list & start typing it down as I gave the University/College a call about their programs.

The goals were:

  • Let the University/College know of the upcoming events at the United Nations (NY).
  • Invite University/College students to any activities the UN has available.
  • Plus, to have University/College students have a voice.
  • Getting Young & Bright Student to involve in Global affairs.

Rebuilding New Schools in Haiti:

For public-private alliance foundation; After the earthquake that devastated Haiti a couple of years ago. Public-private alliance had got involved in helping the people that were tragically affected by the earthquake. Public-private alliance foundation’s goals are to create a safer environment for the people of Haiti.

  • We were able to open around seven new schools in port au prince for girls of any age.
  • PPAF introduces Solar-Cooking to the Haitian population in Port Au Prince.
  • PPAF was able to open one additional University for the student who wants to advance their education in Biodigester.

New Technology – Solar-Cooker & Bio-digester (Haiti):

The main goal is to have Haitian people adapt to solar energy. PPAF was able to help & bring in over 271 Solar-Cookers to households & schools around the Port Au Prince area. However; Public-private alliance foundation’s goal is to transform the Haitian people into a better and unique society that is moving towards the future of energy.


  • It’s a lot safer & better for the environment.
  • The quality of life improves with it without hazardous chemicals.
  •  Those hazardous chemicals: Oil, cooking oil, and many forms of gas & coal to cook are not healthy.
  • PPAF was proudly able to bring forward over 271 Solar-Cooker.

My co-workers and I were at the United Nations Exhibit in July 2018 for a week & a half presenting what Public-Private Alliance Foundation stands for and the goals of the companies. My co-worker and I were promoting the rebuilding of the Haitian nation, promoting new solar technology, access to education for women and young girls and boys, and helping the environment by replacing charcoals and using alternatives for cooking & energy such as using solar energy.

    Solar Cookers & Bio-digester at the exhibit at the United Nation, New York. For Example:

  • Taking energy from the Sun and using it as a tool for cooking Foods, It’s safer and Cleaner.
  • It’s a cleaner way not to breath in harmful chemicals
  • It’s very affordable & cheap
  • It takes its energy from the Sun (Solar Panels) & heats the pan up, & then cooks proteins(meat)

We received over 537 signatures from those who wanted to endorse & promote the cause of the Public-Private Alliance Foundation (PPAF) and helping the people of Haiti.

 On the last day, July-18-2018 was the last day promoting Public-Private Alliance Foundation at the UN! I came across a lot of influencing people, especially the Ambassador of Haiti and the Ambassador of Jamaica, and others like the Ambassador from South Korea Cho Yoon-Je!

I have learned a lot of skills in promoting a business to others. I’m very proud of how far I’ve come. I’m even more proud of the facts that I was in a News Article of the “Team and me” at the United Nations in New York. I found out when the Executive director David Stillman showed me the Article. I was surprised., I’m very happy about what I was apple to do.  I have done a lot in the past 10 months & continuing, as I continue to proudly work at the United Nations Association in New York City. I had gained a lot of knowledge as I had begun my internship in May of 2018. I plan to continue my work as I work with UNA-USA to help those who seek help.

Reference: Jeanne Stillman Vice President of UNA-USA-SNY


Reference: David Stillman Executive Director of Public-Private Alliance Foundation