Right to an Education (Refugee’s and their children)

The goal is to ensure that refugees have access to education & to ensure the public does not view them as a burden on society. The discussion panel has spoken about the refugee’s crisis and their children. The goal is to assimilate the refugee’s into our society. In order to do that we must give them the basic need of human right to food & shelter and education. The priority is to give them basic need of education to understand there condition. Many of these refugee are low skilled workers. The Leaders at the United Nation plan to have them assimilate into our society or to try to have them assimilate into our western culture. Without any basic Education for the refugee & their children – they will be stuck in their ways of living which may not be appropriate for the country they are living in now. This includes the United States & other developed nation. Without any form of education some refugee may fall prey to extremism which Europe & America wants to avoid. So, giving them the basic human need to ensure these refugees understand the society & the culture they’re now in.

Quick Facts: Under international law over 100 Nations signed & agreed to give any group of people running away from persecution an asylum to ensure their safety(1951)