July 9 – 12 event at the United Nations Headquarter Exhibit / Supporting Public-Private Alliance Foundation and its goals

Today (July 12-2019) at the United Nations, many people consider sunlight based cookers, they picture a shaky cardboard box fixed with tin foil and half cooked chicken. Those views are now a distant memory. Sun-powered cookers can out perform any ordinary stoves. They can broil meat, steam vegetables, and bake bread by utilizing sun-power.

There are Various types of sun-powered cookers require diverse cooking techniques. Contingent upon the climate, high performing illustrative cookers can create the warmth of up to 400 degrees. This implies they can cook steaks within minutes and boil water as fast as a kettle.

Here are 4 things you didn’t know about sunlight based cookers.

1) Box cookers cook at moderate-to-high temperatures and often accommodate multiple pots. Worldwide, they are the most widespread. They are several hundreds of thousands in India alone.

2) Parabolic Cookers, Cooks fast at high temperatures but requires frequent adjustment and supervision for safe operation. Several hundreds exist mainly in China. They are especially useful for large-scale institutional cooking.

3) Panel cookers incorporate elements of box and Parabolic Cookers. They are simple and relatively inexpensive up to buy or produce. Solar cookers international “Cookit” is the most widely used panel cooker.

4) Cooking systems, with a capacity of up to 50,000 meals per day, are available for institutions. Many of these systems used one or more parabolic reflectors to concentrate solar energy for cooking or steam generation.


So, earlier today around 12pm(July 11th, 2019) Public-Private Alliance Foundation and our partner’s Solar Cookers International have spoken up to 50 people who have a great interest and spreading the idealism of solar cookers and other goals we also shared with those we have spoken to at the United Nations👏

🌍 Solar cooking saves people plus the environment. With solar cooking, women and children breathe cleaner air, save trees and soil, save money for food and education, and stay safe from violence. 🌎 Solar Cookers International improves the quality of life and provides a way to adapt to a changing world.

​Public-Private Alliance Foundation has been a great member of Global Giving for more than two years. Our reports on our Tracking Clean Cookstoves & Fuel in Haiti has made significant progress


Earlier today July 10th-2019; at the United Nations Headquarters, NY. Public-Private Alliance Foundation and International solar cookers have spoken to nearly 70 people who are interested in the cost of helping those around the world, with new technology and New Alternatives.

Focus: the University of Notre Dame d’Haiti at Hinche

• Invitation and support by the Vice-Rector

• A student committee to explore and innovate

• Teamworks to prepare the course syllabus, reference materials and engage speakers

• Now — The first known Haitian College course on solar and biogas cooking, and locally run

• Most Haitian families depend on charcoal for cooking – with ruinous consequences

• Public-Private Alliance Foundation and a consortium all of the organizations aim to improve lives, health and the environment with clean cookstoves

• We work with solar cookers and biodigesters for biogas cooking in garden fertilizer

David Stillman

PhD, Executive Director of Public-Private Alliance Foundation http://www.ppafoundation.org

Alan Bigelow

Executive Director of Solar Cookers International – Info@solarcookers.org