The Equator Prize Award Ceremony, organized by the UN Development Program (UNDP) Sept 24, 2019

On September 24, 2019 The Equator Prize Awards Ceremony was held for exceptional people and indigenous people activities from over the planet that are progressing imaginative on-the-ground programs.

  • The location of this event was in Manhattan, New York at the Town Hall Theater on 42nd Street.
  • I got an email and took an interest in the event. I wanted to know what it was all about. So that I can write about it. It was something new and different. That is why I decided to go.
  • The Equator Prize Award Ceremony is to bring to light the environment and global warming.
  • The focus is to show the positive progress of good people, including indigenous people helping the environment and to stop deforestation and to stop global warming

The Equator Prize, initiative part of the United Nation Development Program, grants awards biennially to remarkable endeavors to decrease poverty throughout the globe and to preserve biodiversity. As manageable communities seek to flourish all through the tropics and amazon, they are establishing the framework for a global development of communities and their commitment to accomplish the practical implementation of Sustainable Development Goals(SDG). The Equator Prize Ceremony to focus on their endeavors by commending them on a global stage.

There were eight hundred contestants in 122 countries that participated but only 22 individual groups won.

The hosts of the Equator Prize Award Ceremony were United Nation Develop Program(UNDP).

Game of Thrones Actor & Ambassador Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, was at the Equator Prize 2019 Awards Ceremony: He expressed; he was pleased to have this chance to see the extraordinary achievement of peoples. He also stated; he was proud to have this opportunity to see the great success of peoples try to make a positive impact on our planet. He holds dear to his heart on his missions & his goals on helping people & our beloved environment. Actor & Ambassador Nikolaj Coster-Waldau had also stated; we are one people, we share the same goals. We are one planet that shares & breathes in our beautiful environment. Let’s all join as one & work together for a more significant cost in helping & protecting our futures. People cheered as he left podium being surprised that they saw him.

At the event it was explained that with the assistance of the United Nations, individuals, including indigenous populations, they were able to plant well over 31,800 trees, in South America. Despite the fact that with replanting of trees, the hard work had reduced the issues of deforestation, it would not fix them all. 

During this occasion, Greta Thunberg showed up on a Live Television display. She fundamentally disclosed to the audience on why it’s basic to secure our biological system and condition. Expressing, nature needs a seat at the UN.

Greta Thunberg additionally expressed; To help stop deforestation and  reduce CO2 that is going into the atmosphere that results in Earth-wide temperature boost, we have to make savvy choices that move land we designs in less inefficient ways.

The reestablishing of the environment given by forest includes carbon emissions water cycling, and untamed life territory decreasing the development of carbon dioxide in the air, etc. Reconstructing natural life living spaces Reforestation won’t totally fix the harm however. For instance, the woods can’t sequester the majority of the carbon dioxide people are emanating to the air through the consuming of petroleum products and a decrease in non-renewable energy source outflows. It is as yet important to maintain a strategic distance from development in the climate. 

It was explained that the Nations with the most deforestation are Indonesia. Indonesia has lost about 45 million sections of land, 16.57 million hectares of forest.  Deforestation has expanded quickly in the previous 54 years, with a significant part of Indonesia encountering an unseasonably warm winter. Fears of environmental change to the eco-system are growing.

Remarkable Native American clans who have had a beneficial outcome on nature are the Yurok Clan. The Yurok Clan they were one of the two indigenous tribes in the USA to get the Equator Prize. The Yurok Clan, local to Northern California, show  how tribal sovereignty practical forest the organization, environmental change, and social flexibility can make progress through ancestral lands and homes and joint effort. They were able to plant more than 200,000 hectares of trees. The Yurok clan made a recognizable impact in their society.

 The Yurok clan has empowered other groups to start re-gain land and to start planting trees across the state of California. The Yurok clan has covered a lot of acres. The Yurok tribes are reclaiming their lands slowly while making progress in the biological system of their area.  The Yurok clans are profoundly connected with nature. There activities are intertwined with endeavors to secure and to do what is right. The honor is an affirmation of the Clan’s for best work & achievements on environmental change relief. They encourage others and the reclamation the forest and restoring organic life and their environments for the basic needs to settle species and their livelihood.

The rewards for their success that ensure reestablish the regular habitats to helps animals and organic life and an acute sustenance and generation system.  Likewise inventiveness approaches to help nature and protect for a maintainable improvement on environmental change.

I was surprised by the devastating impact on our environment. I am aware that such things are happening. But I did not expect the scale of how devastating the effect is having on our planet. However, I am indeed happy and surprised that indigenous people and others are making an effort and helping their environment and our planet.

We can lessen the dangers if we are devoted and guarantee to help communities and indigenous people’s wellbeing to repair the Global warming of our planet. The help and support from the United Nations was to my point of view a major achievement for a supportable future for indigenous people.

I recently thought indigenous people were being oppressed all over the world. Now I see otherwise as I was at this event set up by the UNDP. I know now the United Nations and goals are helping indigenous people rise to success and gain influence on a global stage. That in itself is very surprising to me.

I will attend more events like these, to gain more knowledge and information about what’s happening to our forests in America, South America, and all over the world. This is the first time attending an event like this one.  I usually hear about the environmental problems on the news. But as I participated in this event, I got more details on what’s going on. I will visit more of these events in the near future.

I have no interest in getting into environmental law. But, the Equator Prize Awards Ceremony event inspired me. This can also be connected to my major; there are Departments in the United States that deal with environment practice. Some lawyers deal with environmental issues. 

There were eight hundred contestants and 122 countries that participated but only 22 individual groups they are:

  • United StatesAgency – Yurok Tribes
  • PeruAgency – (ECA Tuntanain, Executor of the Administrative Contract of Tuntanain) & Kemito Ene
  • BrazilAgency – Indigenous Training and Culture Center Raposa Serra do Sol (CIFCRSS)
  • IndonesiaAgency – Indigenous Group of Dayak Iban Sungai Utik Long House & Yayasan Planet Indonesia
  • KenyaAgency – Solar Freeze
  • IndiaAgency – Deccan Development Society
  • CameroonAgency – Cameron Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW)
  • BeninAgency – CREDI-ONG
  • PakistanAgency – Cluster Community Based Organization (CBO)
  • Guinea-bissauAgency – (Management Council of the Locally-Managed Marine Area of the Urok Islands)
  • VanuatuAgency – Ser-Thiac
  • AustraliaAgency – aboriginal community – Leader Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils Pty Ltd
  • NigeriaAgency – Environmental Management and Development Trust (EMADET)
  • Papua New GuineaAgency – Tulele Peisa
  • ThailandAgency – Community-Based Integrated Rural Development (CBIRD)
  • High Atlas MountainsAgency – Association Amsing
  • EcuadorAgency – Organización para la Defensa y Conservación Ecológica de Intag (DECOIN)