Cenayia Edwards

A 14-year-old from North Carolina high school student put her analytical aptitudes to test. But, the scrutiny when she was made aware of a white supremacist group among her classmates. 

Cenayia Edwards told ABC news, she needed to have evidence that they were discussing hateful thoughts towards people of color.” One of her white companions at East Wake High School in Wendell, North Carolina, informed her concerning a racist group of students that made a private chat on a device(something like WhatApps), and the string had taken a monstrous, bigot turn, as according ABC news. Before joining the chat group, Cenayia changed her avatar to a white face to get entrance. What she read was stunning and vile. Messages like “Pullin triggers and shooting niggas,” and “Murder nigger babies” were included. The hashtag “#bringslaveryback” was utilized, and one individual in the group spoke about whether they ought to have the screen name “Nigga-slayer.” 

When Cenayia at long last called them out for their Bigotry for their white supremacist remarks, the answer from somebody in the groupchat  remarked was an cartoon meme of a white penguin with a weapon saying, “Shut up nigger.”

There are 1,415 students enlisted at East Wake school. Minority enlistment represents 69 percent, with Black Students making up most of that rate, which is higher than the North Carolina state normal by 51 percent, according to the school’s reports. “It’s sickening,” Cenayia’s mother, Ms Edwards, revealed to ABC news. She is a veteran in the US Military, and she  representative and frequently works at her daughter’s high school. 

“It made her feel awkward in light of the fact that she don’t know what her little girl’s facing,” Cenayia’s mother included with her worry about her Cenayia’s safety. “Because we’re getting instant messages from her being vexed while she ought to contemplate in her Distinctions English class about racist students snickering on the grounds that they think utilizing these words or saying that they’re ‘going to execute Dark skin children’s.’  Still, Cenayia has her parent’s full support.” She is going to enable her little girl to be heard,” Cenayia’s father, said. “My little girl won’t be quiet.” . 

“We should hear something back by Tuesday this week,” Mr. Edwards said. “The Principle is investigating this matter” a WCPSS representative revealed to ABC news that they want to know about ever announcement after this incident was brought to  light. However;  Cenayia’s father hadn’t heard back from the school principal.

 “It creates the impression that the vast majority of the students are from Johnston Province, which means the  investigation is increasingly perplexing,” the representative stated. Johnston District Schools’ demographics different from East Wake Secondary School, with 76 percent white and 17 percent Black.   “We know and are investigating the issue,” a representative from Johnston Schools disclosed to ABC news. “

 “We should pay attention to this provided that this occurred among one popular group in their school.”

Meanwhile, Cenayia chose to utilize her English class to explain and to address the other students on white supremacist problems and the injury it caused her and others.  Cenayia will lecture the class on her rendition of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and why it important today. And will continue her fight against White Supremacy and the evil it brings to our society and state of being.