Friday-22 2019 at the UNA-USA Global Engagement Summit, United Nations Secretary-General

The program of  this event covered many topics.  Among these were   to bring awareness to the refugee crisis and the migrant issue & a call for action against climate change.  Many speakers  spoke about the refugee Crisis and  the United Nations,  including the organizations that are connected to the UNs peacekeeping goals.

There were  several moderators, but the most important moderator was Congressman Eliot Engel. 

According to Elliott Engel, he’s proud to see young people & college students interested in global affairs & hope we stay interested in the goals of the United Nations. 

Elliott Engel spoke about the goals of the United Nations & American interest. Among the  goals of the UN are to support Refugees & people fleeing from war. To understand what’s going on in Syria, we must understand why people are leaving their homelands. Eliot Engel stated, people around the world are  suffering. They’re  not leaving because they want to, they are leaving war-torn environments for their protection and their family and their future. So, if we  understand what’s going on in Syria we will have a better understanding on why people are leaving Syria. 

These were my perspectives going into the event:

1° The United Nations and its peace keeping goals in Syria has helped over a million people who has been displaced in Syria & are not able to leave there was torn Country!

2° The ongoing problem in Rich countries not accepting Refugees is due to right wing extremism going into the political field & gaining grounds in the media & popularity has made a profound impact on global affairs. 
3° poorer countries are likely to support Refugees despite their hardship.

The rise of populism is on the rise globally. Historians have seen this all before. Two famous statements that I remember — “People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them” By James Baldwin also “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots” by Marcus Garvey.

 I was thinking how harsh the world can be do some people not being well-informed. I blame on the establishments, because the other ones who made things difficult.

 My reasoning would be:  

The Poor Educational system in the US is a ongoing problem and the widening gap between the rich and the poor.  The ongoing problems with discrimination and Hate groups in our country  along with gentrification in cities around the country. And the issues with Generational wealth and the Cycle of poverty.

Also, the rich stay in power and stay in a position of influence. Which bring to light on how the Criminal Justice system favors them when they are guilty of a crime, such as murder.  The broken criminal justice system favors the 1% percent.

Elliott Engel also mentioned a country has the right to protect their boarder due to tourist activities around the world. But, there is a difference between a tourist & someone running away from war & extreme violence.

My reaction was during my experience and after I stated to myself we have a long way to go. We as a nation have a broken criminal justice system that favors the rich and punish the poor. There is a widening gap between the rich and the poor. And I also notice that people who are very wealthy tend to stay in power. So, my statements; the rich either stay in power or they stay in a position of influence which is not democratic. 

My future is Criminal law. Either is international law or the United States constitutional law. I have not decided yet. But when I do I cannot wait to see how this is going to play out. Especially in the next few years. 

This whole experience was very impactful to me. Seeing the crowds at the United Nations assembly and seeing how the turn people off to take up the task and helping those in need and protecting others from extremist or populace group. What knowledge I gained is a fact that this will impact my decision as I Advance my career in criminal and Justice and criminal law.