Extinction Rebellion at Verso Books in Brooklyn (Recap)

I attended an event hosted by Extinction Rebellion at Verso Books in Brooklyn on October 06, 2019. This is an international movement that uses a non-violent approach and civil disobedience in the attempt to halt mass extinction and minimize the risk of social collapse in our modern society. The purpose of that organization is to understand the current problem in our society and understanding the reason for changing our society that would benefit all and not a few. The way they operate is significant to our study of criminal justice because it brings awareness to the use of civil disobedience to expose and try to counter the levels of corruption in our country and the massive greed that takes places to destroy our environment and the way of life.

Extinction Rebellion speaks about the issues of climate change, and how it has negatively impacted our environment. Species, ranging from plants and animals, including insects, are dying off at a fast pace. Extinction Rebellion focuses on why this event is happening, and how to resolve it.   Extinction Rebellion aims to use the latest science to describe the facts.

 Extinction Rebellion aims for political change. They explain politics and how it connects to environmental challenges. And how to bring awareness to the world to stop these negative changes to our planet.

Their main point is that the planet is in an ecological disaster: we stand in the center of the sixth mass extinction crisis this planet has endured. Scientists believe we may have started a period of unexpected environment collapse. This is a crisis!

In the lecture, climate speakers from Extinction Rebellion spoke on the latest climate science on where our planet continues heading. They explained some of the current psychology throughout climate shift and suggest resolutions for the subject of educational progress.

They are striving to try to strengthen our resilience as various failures take place. They are based in the United Kingdom.  Their main areas of concern and action are: 

  • A functioning democracy, where citizens have real means in choice making. This would involve the devolution of government to the level closest to citizens and populations, to promote resolution-making regionally, nationwide, and globally.
  • Economies aimed to maximize prosperity to all its citizens and lessen infliction to various others, our fellow animals and humans alike, and our Earth. They stated; that they need strategies and rules that accomplish more comprehensive equality, compressed consumption, zero-carbon discharges, confined production, and zero excess.
  • Planning a regenerative civilization and culture. 

Their purpose is to shape and create civilization and culture that fit the next generations.

They argue that the transformation needed is tremendous and yet obtainable.

They have a commitment to oppose this current system, which damages the life of our planet and is profoundly unfair. Some will initiate unrestricted businesses that risk arrest and imprisonment. They believe  that such  civil disobedience violation and immediate response are vital to change. They also practice defense training to the degree that it provides for actions to be prepared without remaining intercepted before they are performed. However, civil disobedience and immediate responses are sufficient in the public arena,  most organizers affirm the chances they are exerting, and have resulted in a necessity narrative. 

The speakers are dedicated to campaigning for the right to life, and for the inevitable growth of our grandchildren and our planet. Also, acknowledge that in order to shape the world, they must improve the way they believe concerning and form bonds with those work and ally individually with. The system is currently characterized by various bureaucracies of society, status, gender, desire. For those depressed these hierarchies, the principal of the society aren’t a secure space. To designing more cherished spaces, we oblige to act actively to continuously create understandings of how these hierarchies work so that they can dispute them and build composition by forming our organization against them. Accordingly, for our campaign to be safe for everybody, it needs to be preserved for the countless marginalized.  

These aspects of their organization were stated to be important:

  •  Media messaging involves concerns and voices that are normally overlooked.
  • Approach-ability is crucial, both during rallies and activities.
  • They understand that difficult functions are socially rooted within their group, and furnished people are urged to commit to examining their privilege and to be sensitive to being tested.
  • They refresh those who operate conditions of obligation so such power does not ingest to get entrenched.
  • They secure the anti-oppressive method into their group training bodies.
  • The policy is concentrated on arranging the practice it takes to shape good relations with the grassroots movements of the individuals who comprise most marginalized.

They also stated; accusing and shaming will not help the organization in the lengthy run. But, a particular campaign may endeavor to highlight the damaging role performed by a company, including people laboring such business; the starting position is that they live in a broken system that has corrupted everybody. 

They also acknowledge that they can’t look towards the government to solve society’s problems. It directs to concentrate dynamism and resources in the hands of a highly privileged some and frequently does not possess the interests of the most utmost individuals and the common world. They recognize that they’re an obligation to individuals organize to meet their personal needs, which in every circumstance of Extinction Rebellion implies that they are operating to balance power and law by disrupting the common support of strength that dictates rules. In so achieving, their plans are to generate way to support people need, such as democratic structures that guarantee everybody has an opinion and importance, learning that occurs without the prejudice of the affluent wealthy individuals and robust, average healthcare systems, social care, housing, education, clean energy generation, and protections in law to prevent genocide.

 They stated; Global warming is affecting the thermal extension of ocean and landmass. It additionally creates glacier layers to dissolve in cold regions of the planet and mountain summits.

Massive amounts of dissolved glacier suddenly trickle down into oceans, streams, rivers, creeks. The consequence is increasing oceans which cause surges of floods and heavy damage to cities and ports.

Drastic shifts in temperature make individuals undergo breathing complications, body redness, headaches, and other illnesses.

 Climate shifts and changes the natural environments and lives of numerous and diverse animal species and plants’ life. For instance, the endurance of penguins and polar bears in icy areas remains in jeopardy, as all cannot endure anywhere else.

Other animal species and plants in hot areas will disappear if temperatures abruptly display excessive cold regions.

  People heating and using natural gas, fuel, coal, and oils for production and transport, following the Industrial Revolution has designed and released massive carbon dioxide and different greenhouse gases into the environment.

.Speakers emphasized that biodiversity is in an emergency around our planet. This catastrophic disaster of our earth’s natural resources endangers our very durability and survival. Biodiversity is not merely wonderful to have; it underpins our entire life by granting us life’s vital from clean air, to food and clean water and to having medicines (plants). There is a spreading recognition amongst people around the world that biodiversity damage needs to be ended once and for all.

 Our Earth is  currently undergoing the most serious of species die-offs since the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years  ago. 

I have learned that Capitalism can sometime not work for the environment especially if the wrong kinds of people get into power. 

  • It has been studied that capitalist expansion exercises an antagonistic impact on our environment and creates serious ecological catastrophes such as climate change, extinction of species and the heating up of the earth, including all sorts of environmental deterioration. Individuals have lost confidence in the current method, and they are deeply troubled regarding the fate of our Planet.

I now understand the knowledge of this event and the experience I’ve gained while attending this event.

I’ve learned:

  • The government doesn’t often tell the truth on the scale of the ecological crisis.
  • The government works with institutions to communicate lies and propaganda.
  • The government needs to create a citizens-assembly to hear to evidence and good policy to tackle the climate issues.
  • The government needs to halt an institution that harms the environments.
  • The government needs to halt greed at the corporate levels.
  • There need to be solutions to help our planet.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Extinction Rebellion. However, I  learned a lot in 2 hours about our environment, ecosystem and the balance that it plays out for every species.

Since this event, I have been carefully watching the news. And I have heard repeatedly news anchors speaking of Extinction Rebellion. They seem to be very controversial. But they are very recognizable.

I am very interested in what they plan on doing in the near future. Although that I will not get involved in their protest.. But I will indeed see their activities and see their accomplishments and achievements. They all widely recognized on a global scale; especially in the west. But I do believe that their influence can play a huge impact on Western society and culture and Country.

I will to be sure to keep track on extinction rebellion and activities they are a part of!  I am inspired by their achievements and their accomplishments. I will stay tuned to Extinction Rebellion activities in England, America and elsewhere Across the Western countries. As I had to read articles about them, and as I have gone out to the special event hosted by Extinction Rebellion, I have learned a lot about what they stand for and what they do. I do believe that they will be successful and the goals they have set out.  I like Extinction Rebellion a lot; I like them because of what they represent. Equality for all and helping others to strive and saving the planet, and saving species  that are dying out. I do believe as long as they keep their head up, they will succeed.

I will keep track of these current issues that pledge us today as a society. This is beneficial to my major, because it speaks of the current problems that need to be address.

I have learned a lot of important information that is crucial to my thinking of our environment and institutions. I’ve gain additional skill in understanding what we as a nation are facing.

As I continue my Criminal Justice Major, I realize there is a lot at stake. I will not be the only student learning about these current issues. And I will not be the last. This has impacted me a lot. However; I still have no interest in going into environmental law due to how corrupted it is. I have learned how corrupted our institution our and how it could be nearly impossible to tackle down a billion or trillion dollar cooperation’s.  I am going to have to see what will be the next stop in challenging the government that’s in the pockets of billion dollars cooperation’s. But this has affected me greatly and my understanding of what’s been going on lately.