On October 15, 2019 in Manhattan, NY, at Sixth Floor Loft, I attended an Event on Human Trafficking in our Modern Society, organized by STOP THE TRAFFIK and hosted by its CEO, Ruth Dearnley. The title of this Event was “Human Trafficking: How YOU Can Help End Modern Slavery.”  It was discussed that Dealers or traffickers use banks for their income and transports to move their unfortunate victims around; lodgings are indispensable to some sex dealers, while internet-based life is an enrollment trawling ground for other people. The subtleties matter. The more we think about the marketable strategies of human trafficking, the better we can counteract and stop the wrongdoing and help survivors get out of that predicament. The intent of meeting would be to realize how those bits of knowledge can be utilized for  organizing and resolving ways to end human trafficking at all cost.

The discussion would focus on information on sex trafficking and how it ties to our financial businesses and social media.    It would also discuss the progress that the financial industry is making to analyze suspicious money laundering of sex trafficking workers around the world. And it is putting an end to such disgusting human activities that violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  

Speakers at the event said that the web has significantly reshaped how we purchase and sell everything, including one another. Dealers present themselves online as “sweethearts” or extend phony employment opportunities to lure ladies and young women into business sex, and after that, publicize them via web-based networking media. Administrators of travel groups reveal how much cash they are making to lure exploited people to their positions. Remote, intuitive sexual acts – otherwise known as webcams – rely upon online networking. Potential dealers control their exploited people’s entrance to web-based life, imitate the person in question, or spread lies and bits of gossip about them via web-based networking media. Internet is also how many survivors keep in contact with their friends and family, connect for assistance, and assemble a network that encourages them to mend.

Banks and financial industries have refined their systems to recognizing potential human trafficking through:   Stores, Housekeeping, Spas, Massage Parlors, Modeling Agencies,  Sex Tourism,  Commercial sex,  Advertising on social media.

This generally can be tracked by moving cash on the web & social media platforms. This is basic as most dealers will use real monetary foundations in an assortment of ways, including utilizing prepaid charge cards, making ledgers in for exploited people or organizations, urging unfortunate victims to move cash utilizing cash settlement administrations to pay for enlistment fees.  

Health consequence results can be severe:   Misery to broken bones, environmental wounds, Exhaustion from being compelled to work in inhumane conditions, Preexisting health conditions, including substance use and disabilities.

These problems can likewise make individuals powerless against a dealer’s compulsion.

However, progressively, human services experts are figuring out how to search for indications of dealing and to treat potential exploited people with the regard they merit, yet numerous unfortunate casualties and survivors recall feeling judged or oppressed when they looked for treatment.

While the term trafficking triggers a relationship with transportation, the wrongdoing doesn’t necessarily require travel.  However, similar to any business, the human transaction relies upon transportation systems to work. Transport and train stations can be enrollment hotspots for destitute youth looking for safe houses. Taxicabs, ride-sharing administrations, rental vehicles, are generally crucial to running escort administrations, while outside specialists with transitory U.S. work visas are frequently falsely made to pay for plane tickets.

 A well-planned operation uses several sorts of sex and work trafficking, for example, unlawful massage parlors, saloons, and private whorehouses, and each have their particular methods for overseeing and laundering cash. Work plans of action can depend on all segments of the money business, from business credits to finance systems. Sex traffickers likewise utilize financial maltreatment against unfortunate victims, making it tricky for exploited people to leave.

Numerous inns or hotel networks have perceived this and ventured to guarantee cutting-edge technologies.  Software are all around prepared in distinguishing potential indications of human trafficking. Inns and motels are scenes for work dealing, frequently housekeeping staff that have been selected by and may work for an outside agency. In these cases it is possible that multiple chains of victims could be present in these agencies.

Also, Human Traffickers use authentic business systems inside various corporations or any company to make benefits. This includes traffickers who use banks to store their profit and transports to move their unfortunate victims around, to the places that are essential to the activities of some sex traffickers and the online that are crucial enrollment apparatuses.  These  features show the way industries can make fundamental shifts to their frameworks to counteract, distinguish, and disrupt human trafficking.

The skills I had obtained is the understanding on how sex trafficking operates and how vile people are using the social media to commit illegal acts against humanity. I’ve heard of such problems in Asia. However; I did not know how advanced the criminal network is.

I’ve gained Experience and understanding, knowing that there are people out there that are combating against such vile people in our society.  Knowing the subject through the moderator help me understand the current situation of tackling sex trafficking and putting a stop to such shameful acts. Getting involved is crucial to helping victims exposing despicable people is necessary to combat sex traffickers.  

I learned how the financial Market is combating against sex trafficking and how the FBI and Wall Street or any financial institution such as Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, or others can track suspicious money transfers that would be out of the ordinary. 

Although the financial market around the world is getting into combating sex trafficking, I find it odd that this wasn’t done years ago. To me, I feel that this is common sense that any person who wants to do any illegal activities would technically go through the financial means to pay for their illicit desire. 

I am just glad that there are people out there that are trying to put an end to sex trafficking. And others talked about the current problems that we as a society are facing. And I’m pleased that I was a part of this event. And able to see the progress in combating sex trafficking.

I am also surprised that the financial market also plays a massive part in combating sex trafficking. And it can track suspicious amounts of money being transferred globally.  I am also delighted to see the ability that the financial markets and the FBI are working towards tracking suspicious money activity to identify that the money was for the sex traffickers.

Since I went to this event on combating against Human Trafficking I’ve gained incredible insight on how despicable people operating by using social media and other means to their advantage.  I am happy that I want to this event. I have gained more knowledges and perspective from the event set up by “STOP THE TRAFFIK.”

I will do my research to get more information to gather further an understanding of how those vile people operate to sell and traffic other people. As a Criminal Justice major, this is crucial to my knowledge and vital to my work.

Gaining more understanding of what’s going on criminally is crucial to my career and understanding my major.  The Criminal Justice setting is vital to my career path and understanding what kinds of people are out there. I find this event very interesting. I learn something new every day. 

This was a great preparation for me.  Understanding sex traffic victim’s needs and rights is very crucial to me. This event has taught me to open my eyes to identify who could be a victim of sex trafficking. I have developed an understanding on how to combat sex trafficking and to be aware of my surroundings when I see something suspicious. I have learned a great deal as I attended this event. I am happy and proud I went.