Seton Hall University Reflection Paper RELS1503 Professor: John Laracy Student: Steadman Blake Date: 09/18/2019

The main goal of this essay is to briefly discuss my Catholic faith and the meaning behind the Catholics belief and tradition. I’ve learned from class, that Temperance likewise shapes the individual point of view and give them the goods to make the wisest decision. But preferably in the question what kind of good should I become! It has more to do with character and the ideas of what it is to be human, than with the rights and wrongs of activities.

As for me, nothing came easy. Coming from nothing and working my way up the social ladder of society. Life has been hard, coming from the bottom, and working my way up to the top, is an exhausting task.

With my determination to follow a righteous path to success, I find myself working for two organizations the United Nations Association Southern New York Division (UNA-SNY) and Public-Private Alliance Foundation(PPAF). Their goals are to lift people out of poverty and helping them see a hopeful and prosperous future for themselves and their families.

The of UNA-SNY is committed to building a solid system of worldwide citizens in support of the United Nations. It strives to inform, mobilize and assemble individuals from the communities to connect with basic worldwide issues vital to the work and mission of the United Nations. It incorporates the New York, Brooklyn, Queens. Nassau, Hudson Valley, and Westchester UNA Chapters. The objective of the division is to cultivate dialogue and awareness.

PPAF goals are to support inventive sun powered solar cookers and biogas classes and specialized help at the University of de Notre Dame Haiti. What’s more, PPAF works with the Haiti women and children. PPAF seek to stem the destitution of respiratory disease, along with stopping deforestation. it also helps individuals of Haiti build partnerships to help families.

My Catholic faith, Traditional & Belief would be: The concept of Righteousness, which comes with obedience to God and love our neighbor as ourselves. For Dignity, The Catholic Church announces that human life is consecrated and that the pride of the human individual is the establishment and the foundation of all the principles. About Work & hardship & Solidarity, at the center of the temperance of solidarity is the quest for equity and harmony.

Catholic teaching is that each individual is created in the images of God and reclaimed by Jesus Christ, and the expression of God, the words of God’s rules of Peace and Justice, and Life and Dignity.

In my work for UNA, I have learned about Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These are the goals in which I choose to follow because they aligns with my Catholic faith and along with the Ten Commandments and the obligation of doing the right thing.

The work I’ve done is on the Child Migrant crisis at the United States and Mexico Border.

l researched the numerous children that have been moved across the New York state area. I‘ve called facilities that housed the migrant children.

There were 557 migrant children in the New York State facilities homes. I had also called the status of children moved to the New York area as a result of the harsh policies of family separation at the US. southern border of the United States. I wrote down reports on my finding, and I submitted it, to my supervisor.

Although I may not be a journalist. I can say I did whatever I can for the right cause for the suffering of children and women and a few young men who are stuck at the US Mexico border.

For PPAF, since the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010. PPAF got involved in helping the people that were tragically affected. PPAF introduced Solar-Cooking to the Haitian population in several places, and was able to open a course for several students who want to advance their education in Biodigester and Solar Cooking. It also has provided help for young women & girls.

My work is to edit photos and video editing and video creation. The main objective is to make the PPAF look good so that it stands out along with the UN goals of prosperity and progress.

My main objective in life is to eventually have a family; my own family. My true desire is to the values and righteousness of choosing one path and one faith and Catholic tradition and belief. The obligations I have is a perfect balance of righteous & happiness to God, our father. That is what keeps me going & the faith of Humanity.