The Rise of China and international power and influence

This event took place on October 15, 2019 at 150 East 42nd Street in Manhattan.  Brigham Young University hosted this event.  It was a lecture and discussion on China & United Nations Peacekeeping.

The Republic of China is often thought of as a potential lead troop-contributing nation towards the UN peace keeping operations. The discussion was to explore hypotheses, expenses and advantages of China’s peacekeeping intentions.

The speaker was Courtney J. Fung, associate professor of international relations at the University of Hong Kong and a partner with Fairbank center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University.

It was stated President Xi Jinping wants to show the world that peacekeeping is related to China and that a strong role by China is fundamental to achievement of peace on our planet.

China is set to assume a greater role in peacekeeping missions while additionally furnishing its military with opportunities to gain better understanding of other countries. 

China’s President Xi already offered to make 8,000 soldiers accessible to the UN in 2015, at which time he additionally offered to help train 2,000 peacekeepers from different nations, give US$100 million in military guide to the African Association, and convey designing, transport and restorative staff.

This event was all about China’s Influence on a global scale and thus this event also spoke about China’s progress in the Goals of the United Nations Peacekeeping progress. The Global Governance Author Series speaker, Courtney Fung, showed by many demonstrations and pictures what China has accomplished in the past decades.

In the course of twenty years, China has become a functioning member of United Nations peacekeeping. China has the ability to grow its commitments further. China’s way to deal with peacekeeping has advanced significantly since it acceptation at the United Nation Security Committee in 1971. Fung and many others at the meeting expressed their views on the possible future of this. 

UN peacekeeping operations are for the purpose of ensuring respect for international law and the ideals of human rights among and within countries. In keeping with the provisions of the UN Charter.

I have heard of China’s influence from the media and it’s often negative. I’ve heard from multiple news source of China building a dam & multiple railroads in Africa. I am just surprised how the news does not tell the entire story.  I’ve heard multiple times of China’s influence around the world. News Agencies never speak of china’s success and how the contribute to the goals of the United Nation Peacekeeping progress.

I’ve also heard from my Grandmother, 71 years old, who stated that China has even reached her Country, Jamaica and how China is gaining incredible influence around the Americas. My Grandmother stated that   her beloved Country has benefited but only at the expense of China’s goals to gain even greater influence in the Americas.

I know the world including the United States and the Western countries have spoken about their concerns on the Rise of China’s influence but I never knew it was on a scale that it is now.

In the news I’ve watched, from MSNBC to FOX NEWS” they speak of China’s Rise, but the way they speak is very negative and Focuses on human rights abuses and spying.

What I’ve learned is, when it comes down to the Chinese influence around the world. It creates a positive effect on countries that have been devastated by colonial policies that have affected Generations.

America and our allies are not likely to give out loans to countries that have a poor record for not paying their loans back in full.

However, China is aware of this. But China gives out loans to countries they know may not pay back their loans in full. What China seeks to gain is political dominance in voting power at the United Nations, and Global influence.

I gained more understanding of what’s been going on and how the news does not explain everything. What amazes me is how China is gaining political influence around the world.

China has built infrastructure in the poorest regions in Africa. They have Built InterContinental train station that connects countries in Africa. And they have also had built dams in African Countries like; Zambia, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, Ghana, Gabon, Cameroon.

Although some African countries are unlikely to pay back the volume of loans they get from China, China knows with enough votes is can sway any UN policies.  It would be a huge help if they get African countries on its side.

I believe China is trying to win the respect of the people they help. With Respect comes power, with power and influence combined comes allies and more dominance.

Since I am a Criminal Justice major this can connect to global politics & any other global entity that deals with laws and the rule of law, including in relation to the UN Charter. Politics in the most part has to deal with the rule of law so, in many ways this can relate to my major.

As a Criminal Justice major this will keep my focus on what China is currently doing and how they are influencing global Politics in their favor, and international laws and regulations.

This whole experience made a significant impact on my psyche. Knowing that any news agency is a propaganda agency makes me look at the American News agency in a different light.  I do not believe in everything I hear. But, after this event I did some research and I found multiple articles on how china has rebuilt parts of Africa that have been affected by the history of Colonialism. What strikes me is how the west and the elite who control the narrative do not like to be challenged by another rising power.

It’s sad because these people who have power to make a differences in the world do nothing and others who see those in a position of power do nothing will fill in the gap and take the opportunity to help and fix the problem.  However; if those who fill in the gap and fix and improve the narratives obtain power, they use propaganda and spread lies or what we call fake news nowadays.

This has impacted me because now I know not to trust any news agency.  This whole experience makes me be more careful of what I read and any information I gain. Since I am into law & the rule of law, I will keep myself in check on what I learn and what I observed.

However; it was good knowing additional information’s from the event. I question the event Courtney Fung has set up with her agency. Is this event set up to make China look good on an international stage or is the purpose of this event to show actually progress and legit information of what China has been doing in the past decades on Rebuilding Countries devastated by colonialism? Courtney Fung is a Professor at Hong Kong University. Should this raise suspicion? But, this event was actually good; I’ve gained additional understanding and will go to more events like this one. But, I question if Courtney Fung has bias like other agencies in United States of America!