The Dark Legacy of the United States of America

United States Declaration of Independence
In the United States Declaration of Independence, it is stated “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Maker with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” This has been designated “outstanding amongst and the best-known sentences in the English language”, containing “the most powerful and weighty words in American history”. The section came to speak to an ethical standard to which the US ought to endeavor. This view was strikingly advanced by Lincoln, who believed the Assertion to be the establishment of his political way of thinking and contended that it is an announcement of standards through which the US Constitution ought to be deciphered.

What is the dark legacy of American History

Much of American History has been crude and vulgar at multiple points of its foundation. Throughout American History, the effects of more than 400 years ago can still be felt today. I will express my opinions in this paper and go into the facts, evidence, and public records written down.

The dark legacy of American history is the resultt of a condition that comes along with a negative point in such events in history that is intended to hurt and oppress others such as a form of slavery or servitude that can make a huge impact on generations – especially an effect that is harmful to generation of people that can still be felt today.

The Circumstances in America History:
For much of American history, the United States Declaration of Independence was not followed accordingly. This is due to narrow-minded people that has hate and Prejudice which helped laid the foundation for the problems that we are in today.
For example, States set detainees to work through a practice called “convict leasing,” this means, former white slaves’ owners and industrialists “leased” detainees to work for them. States and private organizations made vast amounts of profits doing this, yet detainees didn’t. This implied a vast majority of African American detainees ended up living and working on ranches and plantations without wanting to and for no compensation decades after the Civil War. This is slavery by another name. The 13 amendment contends that makes an exemption for “automatic subjugation,” not “Slavery,” and that are important historical and legitimate distinctions between the two. However, no court has officially managed this differentiation, and numerous courts have utilized two terms reciprocally. In 1871, the Virginia Supreme Court decided that an indicted individual was “a Slave of the State.” The thirteenth Amendment didn’t abolish bondage nor slavery yet instead moved it from the plantation to the prison. This is no mistake, in fact, in The New Jim Crow of the 21 centuries, it spreads out how a system of Jim Crow supplanted slavery and later how an arrangement of mass detainment rose to replace and renew the new Jim Crow system in the United States of America.
In any case, significantly more critically, there are numerous in office officials who hold this preference, yet simultaneously, gives an empty talk to the estimation of ‘equivalent rights,’ or freely denounce the wrongs of prejudice. The false reverence is very glaring to the individuals who have a strong establishing in good judgment. It’s anything but a significant issue when strict narrow-minded people communicate it inside the general society since individuals with a profound feeling of reasonableness and good resilience perceive the truth about such human offensiveness. Be that as it may, when such strict, narrow mindedness individuals showed in legislative positions or approaches, it is segregation. Not exclusively are legislative strategies that target strict associations a legitimized method for an any form of segregation and discrimination, it is an infringement of the Principal in the United States of America Constitution, especially the 13 amendment.
Tragically, the grave risk with this circumstance is that when we the people accept these kinds of behaviors and yet, we seem to keep on electing these kinds of narrow-minded individuals to make decisions that will negatively affect multiple generations to come. We keep on electing them and expecting changes to be made. But, then we complain about the very same thing each circle of new leadership in America.

The first Africans to arrive in Virginia, in 1619, were bought from a slave ship but were treated as indentured servants. No legal system existed there at that time for slavery. Legacy that affects us today is that in 1676 Governor William Berkeley of Virginia ended the indentured servitude system, and replaced it with the African slave system. Nevertheless, slaves were not the predominant working labor force. But, they are going to become the predominant working Force. However; the most importation of African slaves, and the subjugation of native Americans as slaves began at different times in the early 13 colonies of what would become the United States.
The slave system, as we know it now “American Slavery” will ran its course until 1865 When in the American Civil War ended. The dark Legacy extended from the America’s foundation by the founding fathers through the American Civil War in the 1860s and the effect America in the 19th, 20th century to today.
The system of broad race-based slavery that characterized America, existed throughout:
● The American Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation and the adoption of the 13th amendment to U.S. Constitution which freed any forms of Slavery.
● And the Reconstruction Era, which will lead to the creation of the invisible Empire/Ku Klux Klan and its founder General Nathan Bedford Forrest, which lead to the Jim Crow era along with the segregation era of throughout 1900s which will lead to the creation of the NAACP.
● And to Brown versus Board of Education in 1954. This will lead to the March on Washington DC, led by Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Junior “I Have a Dream speech.” Which will lead to his assassination in 1968, and the aftermath it will have on the King riots in 1968.
● And President Nixon’s War on Drugs, which mainly targets African American and Hispanic
Communities. And the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles – 1992, to eventually having the first African American President Barack Obama, which led to a white-backlash at the end of his presidency and led to Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States.

However, the ethical connection to the Founders ethical ideas and moral belief they held as they were founding this Nation.
It is generally accepted by the founding fathers that perceived religion and profound quality were expected to shape the establishment, at which point this new republic would rest. For instance, President George Washington said in his 1796 farewell address:
Of various auras and propensities, which lead to political thriving, religion and ethical quality are key bolsters. Futile would that man guarantee the tribute of enthusiasm, which should work to subvert these extraordinary mainstays of human joy, these firmest props of the obligations of men and residents.
In any case, the Ethicalness in the Bible is a method for understanding the U.S. Constitution, which underscores a combination of the right way of thinking and protects the law. President Washington believed the job of profound quality in government is associated with God and the individuals that pursue a decent way of the poise and truth without tyranny.
President George Washington contends that strict standards advance the assurance of property, notoriety, and life that are the establishments of equity. Of many demeanors and propensities, which lead to political flourishing, religion and ethical quality are crucial to a nation. The scriptural Ten Commandments and is the type of most legitimate system of government today.
The move in the moral atmosphere affects opportunities in all structures. Evangelicals must not compartmentalize church, state, and economy into autonomous circles; however, comprehend that strict opportunity, explicitly Christianity, is essential and corresponding to social, political, and financial opportunity. The ethical, strict, and philosophical atmosphere of a mass shapes the political, community, and financial states of a country.
It has been found that America has taken a great leap towards humankind and helping those get out of poverty. However, the belief and it has been true for a while. America has been involved in great world wars that include taking out tyrannical leaders. America stands in the world to keep the world at Bay, although that America itself is being challenged by various remnants of groups that do not believe in America’s viewpoints and ethical obligations.

However, do I believe America has lived up to his obligations?

  • My answer is “Yes” I do believe America has lived up to its obligations.
  • My answer is “No” America has never lived up to its obligations.

Throughout American History, America has been an inhumane Nation from its foundation towards other ethnic groups throughout the 16-Hundreds to the 21st century. America has spent of its History enslaving people, passing laws that oppressed people. Furthermore, it killed people, including hanging and lynching and castration.
Moreover, using propaganda to call those people lazy when they know that they are being oppressed. Furthermore, refusing to recognize the History and covering up the problem whitewashing History to their benefits. Furthermore, ignoring the historical issues that have affected multiple generations.
So, it is fair to say that History will say that America did not live up to his obligations. However, in the end, America can achieve to regain confidence in the Life of their nations and society. However; much of American History has been crude and vulgar at multiple points of the foundation of American History.
The future of the United States is genuinely unknown. I wonder if the United States will exist until the 22nd century. Seventy years from now, the year will be 2100, the 22nd century. I wonder if the concept of race will be a part of Ancient American History. Still affects us to this day. I wonder in this coming century, will America even make it to the 22 centuries, or will it become just like another Empire that comes and goes, like the fall of the Roman Empire.

How does all this can connect to philosophical ethics and moral competition versus the United States history and the Declaration of Independence?

This all relates to moral philosophy and understanding and right and wrong, Good and Evil and the respect of government within the rules of law can all be related to moral philosophy which can connect to the Deeds of man and man’s Great accomplishments along the lines of moral obligations.
The U.S. Declaration of Independence, which accentuates a combination of the excellent way of thinking and sacred law.
Similitude’s among morals and laws: as a rule, laws are made dependent on virtues of a specific culture and tradition. They portray the essential conduct of individuals. In other words, laws speak to the base guidelines of social practices, that is, moral conduct.