On April 10, 2020, there have been affirmed cases of CoronaVirus among South America’s Tribes.

The nation of Brazil has reported the first coronavirus case among the most vulnerable ethnic group called Yanomami people. 

The Yanomami is an Amazon indigenous group known for its detachment from the remainder of the population of the world, and they are known to keep an ancient way of living, and they are additionally vulnerable to outside sicknesses and diseases. 

The first known case was a 20-year-old person from the ethnic group known as Kokama tribe, who was affirmed to have the Covid-19 virus. 

The following case was a 14-year-old kid, was being treated in an emergency unit, a medical clinic in the Boa Vista region, in the capital of Roraima. 

Brazil is home to an expected 607,055 indigenous groups from in excess of 275 different ethnic groups living in isolation away from first-world peoples.

The Yanomami, who are known for their face paint and complex piercings and other unique and cultural things that make them known to First world people. They have even been on magazine covers that are highly recognizable amongst the general population of the media and recognized by some first world people.

The Yanomami Generally are disconnected from the outside world until the mid-twentieth century; they were crushed by multiple diseases and viruses from the first contact from the outside world, for example, measles and jungle fever during the 1970s. 

Indigenous groups in the Amazon rainforest are especially defenseless against imported illnesses since they have been verifiably separated from germs, and many types of viruses against which a significant part of the world has created insusceptibility.

However, Brazil and the world’s Media are absolutely shocked and surprised that covid-19 had reached an isolated tribe in the Amazon. Now public figures are trying to figure out how they should contain this virus that has no boundaries.

The Coronavirus (covid-19) had reached multiple isolated tribes in South America’s Amazons. No one knows how one of Brazil’s most recognizable tribes got infected by the covid-19.

So now the only problem is, how many more tribes are infected and how to reach them? 

Many of South America has tribes are very hostile to first-world people. So in many ways, it’s going to be extremely difficult to treat them, those that are hostile to first-world people.

Now the question is, how many tribes have been infected with covid-19 and how can we go about it in treating them. Especially those that are hostile towards first-world people.