2020 End of A Decade

2020 can’t end fast enough. The year has been marked by many tremendous tales, from the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic upheaval to the most recent presidential elections and civil unrest. And that doesn’t even mention the wildfires that destroyed the western coast of the United State and the tremendous wildfire that engulf half the Country of Australia.

What are you going to see is that we’re going to attempt to cure the pandemic. The world is slowly returning to business as usual, with vaccination. It will be a lot better when a significant proportion of the population is given a vaccine to combat the Coronavirus. The need for wearing a mask in public is likely to persist.

The new normal, whenever we reach it, is likely to be a combination of the way things were, what they became during the pandemic, and what is still unforeseeable. People will want things to go back to normal. They’re so deprived to have fun, or to go somewhere to see their friends, even to go to a cinema, that they can do when conditions are safe.

The air pollution is significantly lower because of the lockdown & people staying inside not being able to use their vehicles to pollute the air is a good thing. And people from India for the first time are able to see the Himalayas from a long distance.

This is a very optimistic prediction. If we’re lucky, we should be optimistic about these predictions if they’re going to be accurate. But we shall see what 2021 brings to us all.