History of Oligarchy in the United States:

Where did it all start, and how did we get here?

America’s had arguably four major brushes with an oligarchy system throughout it’s history.

First, was the US Founding Fathers who overthrew the oligarchy / monarchy of The British Empire.

And second was in the 1830s of the invention of the Cotton Gin.  Because of this, there were a massive consolidation of plantations in the Confederate South, which turn the Confederate South into an Oligarchy and a Police State.

They reached out across State-Line and passed multiple harsh legislation such as the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. The Confederates States/The South tried to destroy America’s Democracy! They failed because the Union push back the oligarchs which resulted in the American Civil War of the 1860s – 1865s.

After the North/Union won the Civil War, the US Congress, and US General Ulysses S. Grant, made sure to Broke up southern plantations. And Traitorous General Robert E. Lee’s Plantation was purposely dismantled & transformed into what we call today Arlington National Cemetery. The burial grounds of Union soldiers who died in the American Civil War.

Then, the oligarchies of America rose again in the late eighteen hundreds & the early nineteen-hundreds with the Industrial Revolution.

In the early 1900s,  the oligarchs of America managed to crash the economy in 1929. President Roosevelt Administration fought them back.

President Roosevelt & his administration was able to swiftly and aggressively take down the oligarchy that had a monopoly over the US government. President Roosevelt’s administration put the oligarchs back in a corner where they have no power and no influence.

Until the 1980s, Former President Ronald Reagan invited the oligarchs back into a position of power and influence.
And now we’re in this situation:

• A Divided nation.
• A Polarizing country.
• People in America are agitated by the current government.
• Everything is overpriced.
• American People see no future.

Many Americans view former President Ronald Reagan to be the worse and unethical US President in History.

Reagan’s Legacy is deemed by Scholars the President who laid the foundation for the concept of Reaganomics and trickled down economics, policies & legislation that only benefits the 1%.  
These Reaganomics policies still affect our Governmental system to this day.

And now we reached the point where American citizens are talking about a second Civil War, Americans taking up arms & Numerous states like Texas are planning on succeeding from the Union(United States Of America).

Furthermore, there was a famous study by Gillan from Princeton University in 2014 found that before the Reagan Revolution, the average person in America would have their legislator set legislation pass that can benefit all, which is why we see legislation passed in the 60s and 70s – we have Medicare, Medicaid, Food stamps and Housing support. And including President Lyndon B. Johnson Great Society legislation, Affirmative Action, and Civil Rights Laws passing around this United States Of America and all kinds of Progressive laws being implemented in the United States.

But since the Reagan Revolution, the bottom 90% – their legislator rarely made laws or legislation that would benefit the American people.

Instead, laws and legislation would benefit the top 1%, causing a massive disruption towards the system in America. The system currently at play only benefits the rich and the famous and those who are well-recognized, which is why the system is failing. This failure caused the Great Divide in America and the extraordinary polarization situation that we’re in today.

That’s the true definition of an oligarchy.
We are not a functioning democracy right now. And this would be a massive setback for the United States of America.

We are in an early-stage oligarchy, and the significant danger is that oligarchies are unstable. Because the majority gets frustrated due to the fact that they don’t get the kind of laws passed that could benefit all. The laws that are passed benefits the few. Which can create a dangerous situation in our society that can spark Revolution, Civil War, and Civil Unrest.

Is there a chance that the American people can Switchback the current system to the way the founders want it to be, democracy?

So, the chances to flip back to a democracy is a pretty small percentage.

There is a perfect chance that our society will turn into a full-blown police state, which is what has happened in Russia, Hungary, Brazil, and now what is happening in the Philippines and other nations around the world. So we’re at the real turning point right now.

If we want to make sure that America returns to a democracy, we have to get money out of politics.