The Dislike Trends on Dislikable Politicians

One noticeable tendency I’ve noticed in politicians’ social media videos that have prompted widespread disapproval is how out-of-touch they truly are!

The majority of people despise President Biden and other politicians and Former Presidents who have led this country astray.

These politicians and corporations are to blame for the country’s political polarization. The owners are corporations. Nothing gets done as a result of it. Laws are enacted solely to benefit corporations rather than the American people. As a result, America’s health expectancy has fallen in the last year and a half, owing to the global pandemic.

  • Many Democratic Party members despise President Joe Biden. On every video that represent President Biden, he receives 5 to 10 times more dislikes than likes.
  • Additionally, YouTube removed approximately 3 million dislikes from The White House (YouTube Channel), which is still insufficient.

President Joe Biden & former President Barack Obama & other politicians are both unlikeable individuals. Many people believe that they are deceitful, dishonest, corrupt, and untrustworthy. During President Biden 47-year tenure as a senator, Biden did nothing for the country.

  • There is no indication that any of this is due to Fox News reporting.  One point of contention remains the misuse of taxpayer funds by President Biden’s son in Ukraine and now China. 

President Joe Biden, like former President Barack Obama and other US senators, is dishonorable and completely unlikeable. President Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, and other US senators have no redeeming qualities. There appears to be a mountain of dislikes regardless of the substance of the news or what they say or do. 

For years and months, I’ve heard complaints that senators are in cahoots with corporations and prioritize corporate interests over the needs of the general public. Because of this stress and anxiety, there has been a great deal of tension and division, and as a result, little progress has been made.

Despite this, many people believe corporations paid extra to ensure US Senators and Representatives did not openly discuss their experiences and conflicts in order to prevent helping and assisting the American people. Although this aggravates the situation in America, it only serves to make matters worse.

Making matters worse for everyone else when our representative(politicians) pockets of being filled & stuffed with the corporate donors, sponsors, and money.

This should come as no surprise to elected officials who put themselves out there on social media expecting to get likes and showing how disconnected they really are. People all over the country will be in pain for a long time since this nation is slowly turning into an oligarchy-like country, similar to Russia and China. Which is very concerning!