Alyssa Carson, have you heard of her?


•  American model, Kendall Jenner posing, displaying what many consider to be the ideal female beauty. This picture went viral a few days ago.


•  Alyssa Carson, the 19-year-old astronaut who became the youngest person in history to pass all NASA aerospace tests and is now preparing to become the first human to travel to Mars.

Have you heard of her?

I believe it is past time for us as a society to reconsider our ideals and aspirations, don’t you?

Our daughters require role models to look up to. Please, let’s get some better role models!

For thousands of years, humans have worshiped idols such as statues, gods, people, animals, inanimate objects, and today, celebrities.  Celebrity worship is defined as an obsessive interest in a famous person.  

There has been extensive research on psychological correlates of celebrity worship, such as problematic Internet use, maladaptive daydreaming, desire for fame, and self-efficacy.  According to the findings of hierarchical regression analyses, high levels of celebrity worship are linked to problematic Internet use, maladaptive daydreaming, and a desire for fame & mental Health Issues.

Furthermore, females were more likely than males to become obsessed with celebrities.  These findings contribute to a better understanding of celebrity worship by providing a more comprehensive picture of the psychological difficulties associated with it.  

Finally, celebrity worship has become such an important part of our culture that there isn’t a day that goes by without some celebrity news. While some celebrity culture and media are merely used for entertainment, others regard celebrity worship as cult-like-devotion.

The problem with celebrity culture is the fact that many of them have no meaningful Talent that could impact the world. For example, LeBron James is a good Basket-Ball player, but what has basketball done for humanity? Can you win Wars by dribbling a ball and throwing it into a hoop? While many people idolize LeBron James, many of them would probably give their wives to him in order for him to make thunderous noises in the bedroom.  

However; no one has ever heard of the three black scientists who are paving the way for NASA to assist humanity in setting foot on another planet, Mars.

NASA chose 18 astronauts from its corps to form the Artemis Team on December 9, 2020, making them eligible for early flight assignments to exploration missions. Three African-American astronauts are part of the Artemis Team, which will help pave the way for missions to and around the Moon.

The three are as follows:

Victor J. Glover, a member of the International Space Station’s Expedition 64 crew.

• In 2017, Jessica A. Watkins (Geologist) was chosen as a NASA astronaut.

Stephanie D. Wilson, a veteran of three space shuttle missions to the International Space Station.

But I’m sure no one has heard of those three incredible people who will change the world in ways we can’t even imagine.

So, to recap, the situation is as follows:

Kendall Jenner, an American model and actress, has gotten a lot of attention for displaying what many people consider to be the ideal female beauty. Kendell Jenner’s photo went viral.

Alyssa Carson, a 19-year-old astronaut who became the youngest person in history to become an astronaut, is, however, unrecognizable to the general public and the media.

There were no reports by the media on Ms. Alyssa Carson achievements.

The Parallels between the Confederate States of America and Nazi Germany! What’s the Distinction?

Recent analogies have been made that claim similarities between Nazi Germany and the Confederate States of America. We don’t have to wait long to draw parallels between the Confederate States of America and Nazi Germany. Nazi Germany & Confederate States of America all has one thing in common. They both were defeated. And they both have similarity in Ideology.

After Nazi Germany’s defeats during World War 2 – the Nazi’s leaders were put on trial in front of the world and they were convicted & hanged for there wars crimes & crimes against Humanity. However, in America after the United States Civil Wars came to an end. Not one single Confederate States of America Representative & Solders were convicted of war crime nor treason.

For Example:

  • Joachim von Ribbentrop, the Nazi Foreign Minister, was hanged in Nuremberg for crimes against humanity. And others who were apart of Nazi Germany regime were found guilty & hanged.
  • And former Confederate General John B. Gordon was elected into the United States Senate after the American Civil War Ended.  Not one Confederate Representative nor Confederate solder were charged with War Crimes. Instead, there were statues built after them and honoring them despite their war crimes against humanity.

Germany has spent decades in national penance for Nazi war crimes committed during World War II. And  America spent the decades following the Civil War attempting to turn the leaders of the Confederacy into American hero & not criminals. 

Nazi Germany was founded by a regime that asserted white supremacy and engaged in a selective process of eliminating those deemed inferior and a threat to their ideology.  Comparisons between the Confederate States of America and Nazi Germany are astonishing. 

As citizens of the United States, the 70 million Confederate descendants have no control over the comparatively few deviants who have disgraced the virtuous of the Confederacy. The Nazi’s saw a clear parallel between their own beliefs and those of the American South. Although Hitler had a negative view of the United States, attributing its economic woes in the 1930s to the country’s allegedly degraded racial stock, he believed a Confederate victory would have set the country on the right track.  

 If we look back at the Nazi leader in 1933 that’s the beginnings of a great new social order based on the principles of slavery and inequality were destroyed when the South lost the Civil War. Northern victory brought a corrupt caste of merchants to power, hastening racial decay. It also ruled out the possibility of a truly great America ruled by a true class emerging, casting aside all the falsities of liberty and equality.

Activists targeted both explicit political connections between Nazi’s and Southern politicians defending the Jim Crow System, as well as those that appeared to be benign.  As a result, activists worked to expose the connection between Nazis‘ explicit racial hierarchies and the more submerged narrative of white supremacy, a narrative ingrained in Confederate monuments that extolled Southern “heritage” while avoiding a direct discussion of slavery.  
However, defining the two hate groups that share so many similarities is not difficult. We’ll explain what they’re all about.  

1) Neo-Confederates: Also known as southern nationalists, Neo-Confederates support the Confederacy. Beginning in 1861, these 11 southern states seceded from the United States and fought against the North in the American Civil War. Their opinions differ, but many want the South to secede and form its own country. Some argue that the war was fought over states’ rights rather than slavery, and they use this argument to cover up racism within their ranks.  

2) Neo-Nazis are inspired by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi era, and they are particularly fond of appropriating their symbols. They are defined by their anti-Semitism, though they also despise other minorities.  These hate groups must be disbanded. 


Hatred must come to an end. Racism persists because no one wants to see it go away. That is the main issue with the United States. And this will be the most serious shortcoming for the United States of America.


With more people Globally getting vaccinated, the discussions about vaccine passports are accelerating.
The findings showed that Australia, Denmark, and Sweden have committed themselves to implement vaccine passports and that they are considering versions from the United States, British Government, and the European Union. Although the uses of the vaccine passports differ. 

But, the vaccine supplies are currently limited, so it is morally questionable to grant privileges to the people who were glad to receive them.

Even with the more significant availability of vaccines, they note that rates among minorities and low-income individuals may remain low, leading to discrimination.  A vaccine passport system also essentially penalizes people who are religious. It also punishes people who don’t want vaccinations. 
Nevertheless, It only seems fair to demand that those who refuse vaccination bear some consequences for refusal, especially if such hesitation collectively makes immunity out of reach.

The range of competing arguments suggests that vaccine passports governments would be hasty and extremely unlikely in the United States Of America. The vaccine passport may be helpful in the longer term, but I have several concerns at this point when I do not believe the scientific evidence can support it. And there are many and legitimate ethical concerns about them. The protection offered by coronavirus vaccines is very far from complete among these scientists, and we know very little about the efficacy of vaccines against various variants circulating in different countries in preventing infections or even asymptomatic diseases.

However, as some have suggested, the arguments do not support a ban on the use of all vaccine certifications.
Governor Ron DeSantis said in Florida this week that he would issue an executive order that prohibits the passport requirement by local governments and companies. One area that has become much clearer is the protection offered by vaccines, an argument for credentials. Vaccinations dramatically reduce the risk of data, particularly in terms of serious illness and death. A medical expert said that although the risk of vaccinations is reduced, the length of immunity is little known. A credential can then reverberate and lead to a false sense of safety and public health risk.
Health disparities are at the core of the ethical concerns of passports. Without a fair and equitable vaccine distribution system, we will only further deepen inequities in vaccine passports.

Racial minorities, who are more likely to die and are hesitant to be vaccinated, are already disproportionally affected by COVID-19. In low-income countries, the vaccine passports, which are expected first to be utilized in travel.
On Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union announced that it had intimacy with any possible vaccine passport.
Should it be effortless to request and provide evidence of vaccination by a fitness system, such requests are probably overused, as credentials are requested for people at each turn.

While there are legitimate circumstances in which people can be requested for evidence of vaccination, we don’t want to become a checkpoint society that overwhelms the danger of COVID, excluding people without certification from facilities without the mandates of vaccines; it is highly justifiable. We need more information regarding the effects of transmission on vaccinated people or people who may be naturally immune; how long will it last? When new strains occur, what happens?

Journalists & mainstream news outlets like the LA Times, and Harry Litman a Political Commentator & American Lawyer are drooling at the prospect of imposing the vaccine passport to Brake The Resistance Down. Mr. Litman sounds like what a high-tech dictatorship would say!

The vaccine passport is the opening Salvo of what eventually could become the Chinese social credit system mirrored in the West. Is the same platform as a social credit system in China. In fact, the CCP can make any decision in 5 minutes because of the 360-degree surveillance of the social credit system. And it means that when you act like a good citizen, you get a boost. An opportunity is open for anything you desire. But, when you act like a bad citizen, opportunities get taken away. 

This can range from:
•  Your child not getting into a college or University. 

•  Not being able to have your child go into prep school.

•  Not being able to find employment.

•  Getting denied for a promotion. 

•  Having your travel restricted. 

•  Not being able to leave in the country. 

•  Not being able to go on vacation. 

Basically, your freedom is minimal.
The vaccine passport that has been proposed in the rest of the Western world such as:

• The United States

• Great Britain

• France

• Belgium

• Germany

• Brazil

• Argentina 

• And including the Caribbean 

The Vaccine passport that’s being proposed will have similarities to the Chinese social credit scores.  
This is the most dangerous tool that Humanity has faced in our lifetime – In terms of human Liberty. 

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History of Oligarchy in the United States:

Where did it all start, and how did we get here?

America’s had arguably four major brushes with an oligarchy system throughout it’s history.

First, was the US Founding Fathers who overthrew the oligarchy / monarchy of The British Empire.

And second was in the 1830s of the invention of the Cotton Gin.  Because of this, there were a massive consolidation of plantations in the Confederate South, which turn the Confederate South into an Oligarchy and a Police State.

They reached out across State-Line and passed multiple harsh legislation such as the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. The Confederates States/The South tried to destroy America’s Democracy! They failed because the Union push back the oligarchs which resulted in the American Civil War of the 1860s – 1865s.

After the North/Union won the Civil War, the US Congress, and US General Ulysses S. Grant, made sure to Broke up southern plantations. And Traitorous General Robert E. Lee’s Plantation was purposely dismantled & transformed into what we call today Arlington National Cemetery. The burial grounds of Union soldiers who died in the American Civil War.

Then, the oligarchies of America rose again in the late eighteen hundreds & the early nineteen-hundreds with the Industrial Revolution.

In the early 1900s,  the oligarchs of America managed to crash the economy in 1929. President Roosevelt Administration fought them back.

President Roosevelt & his administration was able to swiftly and aggressively take down the oligarchy that had a monopoly over the US government. President Roosevelt’s administration put the oligarchs back in a corner where they have no power and no influence.

Until the 1980s, Former President Ronald Reagan invited the oligarchs back into a position of power and influence.
And now we’re in this situation:

• A Divided nation.
• A Polarizing country.
• People in America are agitated by the current government.
• Everything is overpriced.
• American People see no future.

Many Americans view former President Ronald Reagan to be the worse and unethical US President in History.

Reagan’s Legacy is deemed by Scholars the President who laid the foundation for the concept of Reaganomics and trickled down economics, policies & legislation that only benefits the 1%.  
These Reaganomics policies still affect our Governmental system to this day.

And now we reached the point where American citizens are talking about a second Civil War, Americans taking up arms & Numerous states like Texas are planning on succeeding from the Union(United States Of America).

Furthermore, there was a famous study by Gillan from Princeton University in 2014 found that before the Reagan Revolution, the average person in America would have their legislator set legislation pass that can benefit all, which is why we see legislation passed in the 60s and 70s – we have Medicare, Medicaid, Food stamps and Housing support. And including President Lyndon B. Johnson Great Society legislation, Affirmative Action, and Civil Rights Laws passing around this United States Of America and all kinds of Progressive laws being implemented in the United States.

But since the Reagan Revolution, the bottom 90% – their legislator rarely made laws or legislation that would benefit the American people.

Instead, laws and legislation would benefit the top 1%, causing a massive disruption towards the system in America. The system currently at play only benefits the rich and the famous and those who are well-recognized, which is why the system is failing. This failure caused the Great Divide in America and the extraordinary polarization situation that we’re in today.

That’s the true definition of an oligarchy.
We are not a functioning democracy right now. And this would be a massive setback for the United States of America.

We are in an early-stage oligarchy, and the significant danger is that oligarchies are unstable. Because the majority gets frustrated due to the fact that they don’t get the kind of laws passed that could benefit all. The laws that are passed benefits the few. Which can create a dangerous situation in our society that can spark Revolution, Civil War, and Civil Unrest.

Is there a chance that the American people can Switchback the current system to the way the founders want it to be, democracy?

So, the chances to flip back to a democracy is a pretty small percentage.

There is a perfect chance that our society will turn into a full-blown police state, which is what has happened in Russia, Hungary, Brazil, and now what is happening in the Philippines and other nations around the world. So we’re at the real turning point right now.

If we want to make sure that America returns to a democracy, we have to get money out of politics.

2020 End of A Decade

2020 can’t end fast enough. The year has been marked by many tremendous tales, from the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic upheaval to the most recent presidential elections and civil unrest. And that doesn’t even mention the wildfires that destroyed the western coast of the United State and the tremendous wildfire that engulf half the Country of Australia.

What are you going to see is that we’re going to attempt to cure the pandemic. The world is slowly returning to business as usual, with vaccination. It will be a lot better when a significant proportion of the population is given a vaccine to combat the Coronavirus. The need for wearing a mask in public is likely to persist.

The new normal, whenever we reach it, is likely to be a combination of the way things were, what they became during the pandemic, and what is still unforeseeable. People will want things to go back to normal. They’re so deprived to have fun, or to go somewhere to see their friends, even to go to a cinema, that they can do when conditions are safe.

The air pollution is significantly lower because of the lockdown & people staying inside not being able to use their vehicles to pollute the air is a good thing. And people from India for the first time are able to see the Himalayas from a long distance.

This is a very optimistic prediction. If we’re lucky, we should be optimistic about these predictions if they’re going to be accurate. But we shall see what 2021 brings to us all.

The Reason why President Trump lost the 2020 election:

It is President Donald Trump’s redundant Behavior that allowed voters to vote for Joe Biden.

1).  Trump’s mishandling of the U.S. coronavirus pandemic is outstanding. In comparison, our European allies and our Asia allies are doing better than us in handling the pandemic. The US has the most cases in the world, which is embarrassing.

2).  Due to the Nationwide lockdown, this has slowed down our economy. Many Americans have lost their jobs, or their businesses have shut down. Many hard-working Americans are in need of a relief check. They haven’t received any.
And Congress inability to put forward a plan of a stimulus check that can benefit the vast majority of the American people, it isn’t comforting. And our Representatives, mainly Republicans, are more likely to take advice from corporations, which is very devastating.

3).  The sad part is, the $600 per week many Americans were depending on has proven to be helpful for millions of Americans. The Republican Party wants that money to drop down to $300 per week, which is quite disturbing.

4).  They took that advice from corporations. According to representative Mitch McConnell, corporation’s concern were. “If Americans were to get $600 per week, that will somehow make us American lazy and unwilling to work.”
That’s the ironic part about the Republican party. It’s how out of touch they are with the vast majority of the American people, which proves that they are not for the American people but only for the corporate entities and the power they hold.

5).  Let’s hope newly elected President Joe Biden will do the job accordingly and help the American people through this challenging time… 



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In remembrance of September 11th, 2001 – SEPTEMBER 11 2001: A DAY TO REMEMBER


I was 13 years old when I saw heavy clouds hovering over my school.

• I remember the teachers crying.

• I remember parents rushing to pick their kids up from school.

• I remember the dark heavy clouds hovering over my school.

I, too, remember where I was, what classroom I was in, and seeing the massive dark cloud hovering over my school, thinking that it was getting dark outside.

Not understanding what was going on. And seeing the substitute teacher on the phone with relative telling the classroom what’s going on in the City of Manhattan, and why we see thick stream of Heavy clouds hovering over our school…

During the day seeing my teacher, Mrs. Burns’s reaction along with the substitute Teacher(Forgot-Her-Name) only intensified as they got more details on what was going on in the city and the attack on the World Trade Center. Mrs. Burns and the substitute Teacher were crying simultaneously. The students and I were young and didn’t quite understand the scale of what was going on.

I remember Mrs. Burns also stating; “we had so many years of peace and that has ended.”

I remember Mrs. Burns’ saying, “we may have to go to war again. America is at War.” (I am paraphrasing as I try to remember her exact words).

However, the other students and I were baffled and did not understand what was going on. But we slowly started noticing parents coming into the class taking their children out with concerns on their faces.

My school had to shut down early due to the tragic events; seeing the big dark clouds hovering over my school was a sight to see when I was younger.
However, I had no idea what was going on until I came home. I was 13 years old when 9/11 happened. The school I attended was PS 43 in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York.

And just like those who remember where they were on the day of the Attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. And just like those who remember the President Kennedy Assassination in November 1963. I, too, remembered where I was and what class I was in. I remembered this whole event like it was yesterday. 

As the Iraq & Afghanistan War was still raging on. I’ve heard from old Friends that Mrs. Burns’s only son was killed during the war. I’m pretty sure Mrs. Burns was devastated by her son’s passing. Mrs. Burns was also a heavy smoker. I’ve even heard that she passed away a few years shortly after her son was killed in combat.

My father was able to eventually join the military a few years into the Iraq War. And my father first served in the US Navy, and the US Army, and then eventually the US National Guard. My father still serves to this day.

September 11th, 2001, was one of those tragic events that changed the course of life for all naturally born American citizens. The impact can still be felt to this day!

The date was September 11th, 2001.

Discussion on Criminal Justice Reform

The United Nation Association of the USA Southern New York State Division Seminar on Race, Criminal Justice, and Human Rights, child migrants, and the US performance in relation to the UN Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights.

I attended this event that has gone over the Criminal Justice reforms, child migrant crisis, and family separation, and the basic Human Rights. 

The moderators were: 

• Former NYS Senator Ruth Hassell Thompson, special adviser to Governor Andrew Cuomo for policy and Community Affairs of New York State Home and Community Renewal and member of the United Nations Association Southern division of New York board. 

•  David Stillman, board member of the United Nations Association of Southern New York state division board & executive director of the Public-Private Alliance Foundation. 

• Jeanne Betsock Stillman, Vice President of USA-SNY and coordinator of the consultation on race, criminal justice, and human rights, child migrants, and the Universal Periodic Review.

This meeting talked about the many problems in the American criminal justice system, and the reason for needing reform to fix the Justice System, and the crisis at the border between Mexico and the United States. 

During my time at this three-hour event, there were a lot of speakers expressing the current events surrounding the Criminal Justice System and the Child and Parent separation crisis at the border.  
This event was mainly about criminal justice reform. We know a lot of communities where there aren’t any opportunities, and with the issues of our poor educational system, so many people go to prison. There need to be programs in prison that make people better and productive in our society. Right now, the system isn’t set up that way. It’s set up for potential failure.  In my opinion, in our country, if you’re rich and guilty, you get a much better deal than if your poor & and innocent. 

It is a major failing of our criminal justice system is not fulfilling its role of keeping people safe & locking up real criminals. And not giving people Second Chances.The proper role of a criminal justice system is to protect Public Safety and give people a second chance. That when they come out, they’re not criminals, and to make sure that we have a system in place that truly redeems people.

 It was stated at this event that a lot of people in the US understand that the system is broken at every single angle, and most folks, particularly community members, believe at best the system is broken. At worst, they believe that the system is doing exactly what it was designed to do, which is to oppress and criminalize black and brown folks along with other minority groups.

Criminal Justice Change and why America needs it: 

With higher quantities of Americans in the criminal equity framework than at any other time, unlawful equity change has turned into a critical need. To effectively change the structure, changes should be made to end cruel strategies and racial profiling among different issues. 
Realize why criminal equity change is so significant today and what you can do to get included. 

What is Criminal Justice Reform? 
Criminal Justice Reform is attempting to changes how detainees are treated in the Justice system through legislation. By dealing with these reforms throughout the United States at an assortment of government levels, America can right the wrongs before the issue turns out to be more regrettable. While no criminal justice structure is utterly impeccable, nor is that of the United States. 

Change means to fix these mistakes, and there are various associations engaged with the development in different ways, including: 

• Lessening unforgiving jail sentences 

• Reforming the Drug laws & their harsh policy

• Decriminalizing specific laws, including drug approaches 

• Organizing restoration of wrongdoers, particularly adolescent guilty parties 

• Changing the least condemning laws Regardless of the drug crime are the most crucial aspect of our criminal justice reform, attempts to change the criminal justice system, and how it operates. It’s all about the individuals and families being negatively impacted by our prison system, which needs to be reform.

Child migrant & family separation:As indicated by one of the speakers on the child separation, the Trump Administration in all likelihood isolated thousands, additional youngsters, from their folks at the Southern US, Mexico Border than was recently thought. The government has announced that almost 2,700 kids were separate from their folks under a zero-tolerance” migration approach, about all adults entering the nation wrongfully were arrested, and any child going with them were placed into asylums or childcare. 

However, even before the government formally disclosed the no-tolerance policy in the spring of 2018, the office that supervises the consideration of migrant children in government authority had noticed a “sharp increment” in the quantity of kids isolated from a parent or caretaker.

The arrangement was parents to indict the individuals who entered the US illegally. It brought about a large number of transient guardians going through months in anguished vulnerability, incapable of speaking with their youngsters and as a rule, not even knowing where the kids were. Babies and little children were among the youngsters who were placed into homes, frequently hundreds or thousands of miles from where their folks were confined. The government additionally made it hard for relatives other than the kids’ parents to bring children into their own homes.The US Migration and Enforcement Authorization office administers the expulsions of unapproved & undocumented peoples. 

One of the speakers, William Silverman, said that; parents and their small children regularly have been trying to look for shelter in the US due to the rough conditions in their country that drove them to the US border where they are being treated like invaders. The kids being confined under the new “zero-tolerance” approach confront legal procedures without mother or father close by. 

“The parent may be the one in particular who knows why they fled from the nation of origin, and the kid is in a disadvantageous situation to protect themselves,” said the mediator, William Silverman. 
In the interim, the more extensive legitimate circumstance is in transition. A government judge told the White House to reunify families quickly if the child is less than five and within 30 days. The Justice Department has not shown whether it will abide by the rules of law. However, lawyers who are engaged with the cases said it’s a mystery on how judge’s performance will function practically speaking and when and how it could produce results. “We don’t have the foggiest idea about how judges will reunify the child migrant and their folks. Imagine a scenario in which guardians have just been ousted?” said William Silverman.

New York States Senator Luis Sepulveda speaker for this event is a perceived innovator in Albany of endeavors to ensure security. 
The Senator has ceaselessly worked for a member of finances for he has worked to raise the among officials and key administrator of the alarming suicide rate in the Latina high schooler populace demonstrated productive most as of late when Gov. Cuomo the declared the development of the New York State Suicide Counteractive action Team. Senator Sepulveda worked with City Mayor de Blasio in 2014 to verify subsidizing for all-inclusive prekindergarten in New York City, and he supported enactment to enable undocumented foreigners to acquire driver’s licenses. 

Senator Sepulveda is partnered with the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian clubs as the second co-chair of its Committee on Criminal Justice Reform. Senator Sepulveda earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Hofstra College and his law degree from Hofstra’s Maurice A. Deane School of Law. He is the leading Latino lawyer in the Senate.

A speaker named Jose Hamza Saldana is some time ago detained. He was discharged from Green Correctional Prison on January eleventh, 2018, following an aggregate of 38 years of imprisonment. During the times of imprisonment, Mr. Saldana had gotten a higher education degree. All the more critically, he worked for crucial criminal justice changes, including jail change, parole change, and racial equity. 

Today, Mr. Saldana is Executive Director of Release Aging People in Prison Campaign, called RAPP.  This aims to Discharge elderly Individuals in Jail through a grassroots network. RAPP attempts to end mass imprisonment and advance racial equity. His work looks to end the detainment of old people as a method of reforming laws and to stops prejudice and hate in and give more power and control to Communities of Color. 

What I’ve learned and the skills that I obtained is getting more Intel on what’s going on in our current Criminal Justice system. By going to this event, it let me know what’s been happening in our judicial system and what needs to be reform. It amazes me how slow the process is and how this whole reform of our judicial system may take time. The process is slow but is making an impact on our society, and the awareness is spreading into our political system of government.

However, under the wrong presidential Administration, things can go bad. Although I do not get political with others, under Donald Trump Presidency, things don’t seem to be going well for his administration and his victim. And by seeing the constant division in this nation, things don’t seem to be going well. But what I’ve learned is, the President of the United States has the power to do right and to do wrong. The people are surprisingly influenced by what the president says and how he acts.

During President Clinton years and former President George W. Bush and the Obama years, these things were not an issue. Their presidency was not perfect, but the division wasn’t there. But I guess you could say it was building up for years.
What I’ve noticed is how America could do great things under the right leadership, but America can also fall under the wrong spell under the wrong person that has absolute power.

I noticed one thing about our democracy, our democracy is weak, and there are several factors on why it is ineffective.

• Our poor educational system is one

• The Great Divide between the rich and the poor

• Corporations who have greed looks for cheap labor to make a more significant profit. 

They also move their companies outside America in which they were founded. This forces people to look for work else and builds up frustration.

•  Greedy corporations, knowing that they are the cause of this problem. 

They choose to buy political propaganda to victim blame others for looking at the narrative elsewhere for the reason of all blames. They are causing hardship to American workers &  blue-collar Families.

But the irony of the atmosphere that I see in American society today. It is that a lot of Americans don’t seem to understand that the problems lie within Corporate America and not with illegal immigrants,  not with China but inside America itself.
I will get more involved in speaking out on my opinion of this current event on reforming the criminal justice system. I will attend more of these events to prepare myself for my criminal justice major and goals. And I would also gather more information on the current events of our system of government and the progress of reform.  

This has prepared me for future events. This whole experience has impacted me because when I do get to law school, I would know what to expect in this kind of conversation and meetings about our current system of government and the laws that binds us together. As I had attended this July 8th High-political Forum, I feel as this would be and many conversations as I continue my education career in law & criminal justice system. 

Death Toll skyrockets due to Coronavirus. Over 2,000,000 affirmed cases globally

The world passed another inauspicious achievement Saturday as global reported announced coronavirus death toll had passed 200,000 globally. In the United States of America, States and city leaders are retaliating against loosened up their states and counties. Multiple states across America have plans in place to reopen their states and to get people back to work to help their economies.

 States had to shut down most of their business to contain the spread of the CoronaVirus, which has impacted the entire globe killing more the 250,000 people of this earth.

Scientist are trying their best to find a antibody to the CoronaVirus. Testing ramps up all over the United States of America, New York agencies have reported that health care officials, including Police officers and other authorities, would start accepting tests this weekly. In any case, the  World Health Organization gave a warning, expressing there is at present no proof that individuals who have recouped from CoronaVirus have antibodies are shielded from subsequent contamination.

The CoronaVirus infection has killed in excess of 210,000 individuals internationally. More than 2.6 million affirmed cases had been accounted for and more than 941,010 for the United States of America, with in excess of 55,000 death. Furthermore, regardless of the hardship of clinical specialists, health care officials, and medical attendants, they are keeping the battle focus on the Coronavirus and helping those lives. However, there has been hostility towards the lock-down and that resentments come from right-wing protesters. And it will make more mischief in our general public. Protesting the Lock Down are about something other than stay-at-home-order and saving those who are infected with CoronaVirus. 

Around a considerable number of conservative Americans rampaged and protesting in a few states challenging the coronavirus lock-downs, or the stay-at-home standards gave by their governors and top healthcare Officials. The anti-lock-down dissidents have a good parallel to the pathetic Tea Party from President Obama Presidency, and down to their conspicuous showcase of the Gadsden banner. In essence, the logo “Don’t tread on me” is a chronicled American image and symbols appropriated by the American Tea Party. 

In any case, As the coronavirus infects the entire globe and human population, and as the quantity of cases across the multiple countries moves toward the one million infected with the CoronaVirus. Most American towns and urban communities are under stay-at-home orders. Simultaneously, a couple of states remain, for the most part, just getting started to declare plans to lift the stay-at-home rules and plans to open their states along with many businesses. 

For those all the more trusting of government and its aims, it tends to be anything but difficult to presume that all protection from the lock-down is to secure our nation is from the CoroanVirus. Those that are protesting the Lock-Down are made in dishonesty and bad faith or out of principal ignorance of this serious scope of these severe harmful consequences. 

However, protesting the Lock-Down Order is unquestionably unsettling. While we ought to condemn this childish and idiotic tricks getting out to socials media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or any other media site. We can let other know why the stay-at-home order will help Safe Life and why it’s essential to follow these stay-at-home order set by our top Healthcare officials.

An all-inclusive lockdown isn’t without tremendous outcomes, and consequences for our nations and people around the world dealing with these CoronaVirus issues as governments around the world are looking for the cure.  

Without these Lockdown orders in place the consequences will be tremendous.

Let’s Trust our health officials!