The Jungles of Brooklyn New York (Poetry)

Brooklyn has a whole Forest set of trees that reminds me of a Jungle which I find fascinating.

From the outside, the trees didn’t appear to be very appealing. However, it was not in my plans to come across anything charming about these spectacular trees.


The most lovely of trees, with Blossom Greenery. It is hung with blooms along the bough and stands throughout the woodland ride dressed in white for Eastertide. 

Pink blossoms were plucked from these trees in my neighborhood. And I wore them in my hands all evening: Winter will arrive soon. And I won’t find any greenery on the trees, and there will be nothing there soon.

When the leaves fall to the ground, the blossoms fade, and spring arrives. Everything will begin anew.


I’ve noticed by the end of May, the buds of these trees had sprouted and were on their way to becoming green leaves. Although they were an incredible view, a lush green canopy would take its place. It was like a quintet practicing vocal exercises before a command performance when the seasons changed and changed with them.

Even though the storm’s combination of high winds, rain, and lightning was superior to anything the trees could muster, the trees chose to submit to nature’s forces rather than fight them. 
The trees’ leaves began to emit an odor reminiscent of Fragrant Flowers For a Heavenly Smelling that can attract all beautiful things. They also turned a pale yellow color, which I found interesting & surprised.

In some ways, the opportunity to be exposed to a different frame of reference than one’s own proved beneficial. 

I could always tell it was autumn because of the leaves on the trees, no matter how long it took me to walk home from the work or visiting a relative. It didn’t take much to remind me that it was autumn: a clear blue sky, crisp air, and trees in full bloom lining the streets.
The City was ablaze with gold and russet leaves due to the autumnal season. There was a massive Greenery and redwood tree lining the streets in such beauty. Winter will arrive before we know it, and the trees’ leaves will begin to fall. My sense of perspective was restored as the background became the foreground.

As the sun rose one morning, the Chrysler Building cast a shadow on the Buildings & houses, almost as if a thin dusky finger was tickling the striated facade awake. I went outside to investigate it further.

I was convinced that I was the only person in Brooklyn who had noticed this anomaly.
Now that is truly amazing.