What is the New Variate, Lambda Variant? SHOULD WE BE CONCERN?

The first instance of a new coronavirus, ‘Lambda Variant’ discovered in Peru has been identified for the first time.

It was discovered that the variant was present in a woman in her 30s who had arrived at Haneda Airport from Peru on July 20, 2021. The National Institute of Infectious Diseases identified this strain as a member of the Lambda Virus family, which is a member of the SARS Virus family.

According to the institution’s records, it was discovered in Peru in August this year and has since spread throughout the rest of the continent. In theory, it could be more contagious and immune to vaccination than the standard strain, but there is currently no evidence to support this theory.

  • The Lambda Variant was first identified in South America, in Peru. The Lambda Variant has now spread to parts of Asia. Especially in South Korea and Australia. 

Asian countries were able to eliminate COVID-19 from Asian, but they’re now closing their doors as the new virus resurfaces in its Delta form. According to Yonhap News, South Korea’s level 4 social distance laws will be extended for another two weeks in the capital city of Seoul, according to the South Korean government. After six o’clock, it is illegal for groups of three or more people to congregate in Seoul, South Korea, which is the region with the highest level of social distancing.

In Australia, Authorities have warned that the situation in their largest city could deteriorate further as a result of the Delta Virus(Coronavirus-Outbreak), which has resulted in 296 new illnesses being reported every day. Despite Australia being on lockdown for more than six weeks, the city has been unable to stop the spread of the new Covid-19 DELTA Virus. Thursday’s death brings the total number of new cases to 274, bringing the total number of deaths to 274.

The Lambda Variant, on the other hand, does not appear to be as likely to spread as the Delta Variant has. According to health officials, they will keep a close eye on this new variant.