President Joe Biden’s cognitive impairment has been a source of concern. It’s also not funny. The entire world is watching, including Anti-American Countries. President Joe Biden suffers from severe mental cognitive issues, which the White House has completely concealed. This, according to White House officials, is concerning.

The most frightening aspect is that this President has demonstrated his inability to lead a nation. Worse, the entire world is watching as this president stumbles up the stairwell or makes perplexing remarks that frequently defy logic…

Regrettably, this is the leader of the free world!

It won’t be long before Vice President Harris takes over the Presidency. Even she will fail, as Vice President Harris appears to flip-flop positions based on her political objectives and career!

An examination of President Joe Biden’s policies, on the other hand, reveals that his first 100 days in office were a total disaster. His presidency has been centered on claiming credit for Republican victories while undermining fundamental Republican principles, with disastrous results.

So, what is the source of Biden’s errors? What factors might have contributed to Biden’s gaffe?  SEVERAL COMES TO MIND:

  • The first issue is his general lack of relevant expertise in dealing with complex and lethal foreign policy challenges on the ground.
  • Second, he never had to make any final decision without properly examining a particular event.
  • Third, when President Joe Biden was a US  Senator for 15 years. He got almost nothing done.

Prior to becoming President in January 2021, Biden had never held a position of significant administrative authority. He was a long-serving politician and vice president who served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for 12 years, including as chairman for several of those years.

President Joe Biden was never in a position where he was routinely expected to make final decisions on high-profile policy issues involving significant risks. The US army withdrawal appears to have been a miscalculation on the part of the Biden administration.

The collapse of the Afghan government exemplifies how a chain of events can occur. The Taliban influence has instilled widespread and profound fear in the Afghanistan people. Previously, a few isolated failures were enough to cause all types of actors, military and civilian alike, to lose faith in the government’s ability to operate correctly.

  • While the US competes with China and other authoritarian countries, other countries and world leaders may argue that a humiliating American withdrawal from governance would send a terrible signal to other countries. If the US’s security commitments are untrustworthy, why not strike deals with China?

However, on August 10, 2021, actual competent people working for US intelligence predicted that the Afghanistan Government would disintegrate within 30 to 90 days. Five days later, the entire Afghanistan Government fell.

In less than a week, Taliban fighters seized control of more than a dozen provincial capitals. They marched into Kabul with little opposition, forcing Afghanistan’s president to resign and his government to collapse. Afghan security forces have been dwindling in Kabul’s districts and throughout other cities in the Country.

Following that, the Afghan military’s situation rapidly deteriorated, exacerbated by a combination of corruption (many Afghan officers claimed they had not been paid in months) and a desperate desire to survive against the Taliban as the US military presence dwindled.

As fears of a US withdrawal grew, the Taliban began sending vast groups of fighters to government-controlled rural outposts, striking deals with low-level Afghan government officials in exchange for bribes or assurances of protection. Despite claims by Afghan officials that the country’s elite military groups remained committed to preserving government stragglers, their efforts to defend the country ultimately failed due to a lack of support from local authorities and military soldiers on the ground.

US’s adversaries are exploiting the collapse of Afghanistan. As China, Iran, and Russia wasted no time in seizing control and influence of the Taliban and the country of Afghanistan to further their own interests, According to the Russian press. Russian officials are relishing their primary global adversary’s humiliation as they prepare to collaborate with Islamist militias.

  • Russia will be ready to increase its influence in Afghanistan by capitalizing on its precarious security situation.

Russia declared that it has been “closely observing the rapidly shifting scenario in Afghanistan” and that it now intends to get involved in its agenda, embarrassing the United States and its allies. Demonstrating to the rest of the world the ineffectiveness of the United States Policy.

In addition, world leaders will regard the United States as untrustworthy. This will have a significant impact on how the rest of the world perceives the United States. This has the potential to have a considerable impact on America’s false promise. This is an unfathomable tragedy.

We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds.

The Jungles of Brooklyn New York (Poetry)

Brooklyn has a whole Forest set of trees that reminds me of a Jungle which I find fascinating.

From the outside, the trees didn’t appear to be very appealing. However, it was not in my plans to come across anything charming about these spectacular trees.


The most lovely of trees, with Blossom Greenery. It is hung with blooms along the bough and stands throughout the woodland ride dressed in white for Eastertide. 

Pink blossoms were plucked from these trees in my neighborhood. And I wore them in my hands all evening: Winter will arrive soon. And I won’t find any greenery on the trees, and there will be nothing there soon.

When the leaves fall to the ground, the blossoms fade, and spring arrives. Everything will begin anew.


I’ve noticed by the end of May, the buds of these trees had sprouted and were on their way to becoming green leaves. Although they were an incredible view, a lush green canopy would take its place. It was like a quintet practicing vocal exercises before a command performance when the seasons changed and changed with them.

Even though the storm’s combination of high winds, rain, and lightning was superior to anything the trees could muster, the trees chose to submit to nature’s forces rather than fight them. 
The trees’ leaves began to emit an odor reminiscent of Fragrant Flowers For a Heavenly Smelling that can attract all beautiful things. They also turned a pale yellow color, which I found interesting & surprised.

In some ways, the opportunity to be exposed to a different frame of reference than one’s own proved beneficial. 

I could always tell it was autumn because of the leaves on the trees, no matter how long it took me to walk home from the work or visiting a relative. It didn’t take much to remind me that it was autumn: a clear blue sky, crisp air, and trees in full bloom lining the streets.
The City was ablaze with gold and russet leaves due to the autumnal season. There was a massive Greenery and redwood tree lining the streets in such beauty. Winter will arrive before we know it, and the trees’ leaves will begin to fall. My sense of perspective was restored as the background became the foreground.

As the sun rose one morning, the Chrysler Building cast a shadow on the Buildings & houses, almost as if a thin dusky finger was tickling the striated facade awake. I went outside to investigate it further.

I was convinced that I was the only person in Brooklyn who had noticed this anomaly.
Now that is truly amazing.